yoga in Lausanne

Through yoga, movement and meditation we can meet ourselves with kind attention and loving awareness, releasing the habit to do more and be different. We can gradually feel at home in our bodies, connect our body/heart/mind with acceptance and gratitude and be fully ourselves. Whats feels ok and safe to be felt in our practice, our life laboratory, the sacred space of our mat, we can then experiment in the ocean of life.


I offer group classes of flow yoga, yin yoga and guided meditation

As long as the weather is good we practice on Mondays in a park in Lausanne

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For a more personalized practice and to meet your special need I offer private 1:1 sessions in person

Alchemy crystal bowls accompany my practice and I share this extraordinary sound experience with you during workshops and private classe

private yoga class

practice with me

Nadine Blanc

I have been practicing since 2006, I am a certified yoga teacher since January 2018. I completed more than 400h of training and I have given 250 hours of courses since then. I like to share with you my passion for yoga and what I have learned in my personnal path and practice and from the great teachers I have met, my yoga tribe, my students…


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corporate yoga and wellness

The practice of yoga and mindfulness meditation at work brings multiple benefits, such that a small investment in wellness for employees can be very profitable. Even if employees practice sports and are in good health overall, they might not maintain a good posture at their desk or be familiar with effective tools to manage stress. We can provide employees with the foundations they need to improve their overall well being, which can spread positivity throughout the organization and improve productivity.

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