flow and yin yoga

flow yoga

I practice and teach flow yoga inspired by vinyasa yoga where we move from one asana (posture, pose shape) to the next in synchronization with the breath in one mindful and conscious movement, in harmony and with fluidity. It is a meditation in motion for all, any age and every condition. It can be practiced on a yoga mat or a chair for people with less mobility.

I am inspired by Embodied flow™  school of yoga wich whom I did a 100h module of advanced teacher training to incoporate free movement and somatics in my practice.

My classes are dynamic but we move in a slow pace. I like to bring people to find their flow state, listen to their bodies, slow down, change posture if necessary. I practice with blocks to accomodate every body. I emphasize the fact that yogas ultimate goal is to feel more freedom in our lives, to live in the flow navigatinh through the ups and downs with more ease. Even in 1 hour classes we always start by a short meditation to connect with our bodies and hearts, slow down the thinking mind.

The state of flow refers to a highly focused mental state, characterized by a feeling of complete absorption, engagement, fulfillment. In that state we leave our worries behind and forget the ego.


yin yoga

Yin yoga is a complementary practice to flow yoga, focusing on stretching deeper connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, and deep fascia – the tissue that surrounds muscles. We stay in the postures from 3 to 5 minutes, using props and cushions to relax on and let the gravity stretch our body. I don’t give a specific yin class at the moment but I like to incorporate yin postures in my flow classes

benefits of yoga practice

Yoga is of course much more than a physical exercise. Here are some of the benefits that one can get from practicing:

  •    connect or reconnect our body with your mind
  •    feel the sensations of our body
  •    feel our emotions
  •    learn how to breath properly
  •    discover and accept our body as it is
  •    take care of ourselves
  •    be humble, be habitual and perseverant
  •    cultivate a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle
  •    can improve back problems, digestion and many other conditions
  •    help alleviate stress, tensions…