private yoga classes

In this uncertain period with the special circumstances, I offer private yoga classes in person and Zoom yoga classes. Online sessions allow closeness despite the distance and the possibility to accompany you on a long term.

1:1 sessions are more personalized and suit better your special needs like back pain, improving physical and emotional wellbeing, stress management, implementation of a yoga routine … 

According to your needs I built sequences mixing flow and yin yoga, which I may add mouvement, meditation, stress management techniques. You will obviously progress faster than in a group class.

I recently added to my practice Alchemy crystal bowls from Crystal Tones  that I am happy to play for you. Sound of the Alchemy crystal bowls help you reach a state of meditation, of deep relaxation, can be healing by removing blocages in the body, aliviating pain...

For more information and book a class, feel free to contact me so that we can talk about your yoga practice

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yoga workshops

I offer workshops (long practice) where we explore un theme through a sequence of flow yoga, free movement and meditation. I will accompany relaxation with alchemy crystal bowls for a deep relaxing experience.

Those workshops are open to everybody with ou without experience. It’s a nice way to discover or dive more into yoga and meditation.

Workshops are given in French with English cues if necessary

yoga meditation workshop


  • October 31st : bodyfullness, how to cultivate presence in our bodies
  • November 28th : authentic body/heart/mind connection

Location: studio Paname Academy Rue Centrale 25 à Lausanne – 2min from M2/Bessières

Conscious rates : Full price : 50.-  /  Student, unemployed, retired : 25.-  / No income, RI, AI, social: it’s free

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group yoga classes

We practice flow yoga and yin yoga on Zoom

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