I am really grateful for the testimonials and feed-backs of the people who practice yoga in Lausanne with me, in group or private classes. They help me grow and adapt the practice that I share with them

Hopefully it gives you an idea of the yoga practice that I offer and if they would suit you.

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Marlène R. Lausanne

Nadine is just amazing. I took 5 individual sessions and will continue practicing in group classes. I came to reconnect with my body and embodied yoga flow was a perfect fit. These are not just yoga classes. They are complete relaxation/guided meditation/yoga sessions where Nadine took me on a real journey. Each session is completely different and we co-construct them together in a specific way, according to the feelings of the previous sessions and according to the needs of the moment. Each time I leave the session feeling calm and good about myself. I came with the idea of getting a routine/protocol like clockwork and Nadine accompanied me towards a free and intuitive practice that I can recreate at home. Beyond being a very good yoga teacher, she is an incredibly generous human being and a precious listener.

Thierry B. Lausanne

Very nice encounter with Nadine, a smiling person with a lot of sensitivity with an approach of yoga completely adapted to us. Progression is really done at our rhythm and the difficulty of the postures is always depends on how we feel at every session. Her very free approach of flow yoga without dogmatism suits us perfectly. She is not afraid to show her hesitations and reflections on the postures she wants to practice and this makes us all the more free with her. I recommend her warmly and without reservation, especially as her fees are very reasonable.

Halima Lausanne

Nadine is incredibly gentle and empathetic. She listens to you and adapts the practice to your needs and your level. She also adapts to your mood of the day and her flexibility is appreciated. Thank you Nadine

Joanne G. Lausanne

Private yoga classes with Nadine these past few months have made a huge difference to our lives and our flexibility! We both love her yoga style (flow), which suits us perfectly and works gradually on our muscle strength and flexibility. I highly recommend Nadine’s classes!

Sylvie O. Lausanne

I had the privilege of taking 5 private classes with Nadine who was a remarkable yoga teacher because of her professionalism, her empathy and her great flexibility according to our state (of mind) during each class. Her teaching of yoga is also wonderful in its lightness, grace and joy while working the body and mind in depth. I highly recommend Nadine to anyone who wants to start yoga or simply continue their practice and learning.

Laurence P. Berlin

I wholeheartedly recommend Nadine’s classes. I was able to reach a very deep state of relaxation and inner peace thanks to her yin yoga class. She truly puts a lot of thought and heart into her practice, from the themes to the choice of music and postures. I was also able to practice with Nadine online which was very easy and enjoyable. Thank you Nadine for all that you share!

Agni Basant, Lausanne

I highly recommend yoga classes with Nadine for her gentleness, professionalism and creative sequences! Like in cocoon of softness, the yoga for trauma class took place in kindness. It allowed me to dive into an immediate well-being and presence.

Sabrina P. Lausanne

Trauma-informed yoga sessions are held in small groups, among women, in a gentle and caring environment. We move gently, slowly, at our own pace and according to our possibilities. We take the time to breathe properly, something we often forget in our daily lives. Nadine is adorable, very soft and really nice.

Michelle M. St Sulpice

I had private yoga lessons with Nadine when I had the intention to practice mindfulness while I went through a career and life change.I was not a total beginner but never practiced regularly. Nadine was very adaptive to my level and designed postures and movements which helped me to build a much better foundation than I had before. Nadine has a gentle approach toward yoga teaching. From her I learned not to go beyond my limit and set up boundaries, since. Nadine is patient and attentive. Nadine is motivational and encouraging. Through the lessons with her, I enjoyed yoga more, felt better on my physical fitness and strengthened my practice on mindfulness.

Thérèse C. Lausanne

Nadine’s classes are highly addictive for those who want to take an hour for themselves, to relax, disconnect from daily stressors and reconnect with themselves. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to allow yourself to slow down to the sound of your voice in a setting as inspiring as the Elysée garden. I had never heard of Yin yoga and its gentleness allows me to stretch… my body and mind. I highly recommend Nadine and keep my fingers crossed I can keep practicing in a studio with her.

Salomé M. Lausanne

I have been practicing with Nadine for over a year now, she is a real life coach for me. I appreciate her pedagogy and her kindness, she teaches us to listen to our body and our feelings. A wonderful encounter on the human and spiritual level. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to discover yoga or to pursue her path as a yogi.