After 3 months in the park we come back to our Zoom yoga room with still 2 types of yoga: 

  • flow yoga : a dynamic and energizing practice
  • yin yoga: slow and relaxing practice accompanied by guided meditation

Classes are mixed levels, I offer variations according to your level of practice, physical condition… Beginners are welcome! Yoga is for every-body.

Classes are in French with cues in English if needed

Sign up before 2pm +41 79 847 75 92

Practicing yoga on Zoom is very user-friendly. However if you are not familiar with Zoom, I am happy to explain it to you so that you can try it out. You just need to have an account on Zoom

I send you the code of the meeting and you connect on Zoom 5 min before the practice

You pay consciously according to your personal situation :

  • I have an income : 20 Fr
  • I am unemployed/student/retired : 7 Fr
  • I have no income, AI, RI, social : it’s free