yoga classes Lausanne

private yoga classes

I offer private yoga classes in person and Zoom yoga classes. Online sessions allow closeness despite the distance and the possibility to accompany you on a long term.

Private yoga classes are more personalized and suit better your special needs like back pain, improving physical and emotional wellbeing, stress management, implementation of a yoga routine … 

According to your needs I built sequences mixing flow and yin yoga, which I may add mouvement, meditation, stress management techniques. You will obviously progress faster than in a group class.

Trauma informed yoga private sessions are also available. I invite you to read here information about it.

Read this article if you want to know more about yoga and its benefits

rates of private yoga classes

1 hour class on Zoom

  • 1 session : Fr 70.- (Europe 55€)
  • 5 sessions : Fr 315.-
  • 10 sessions  : Fr 630.-

At your place in Lausanne area  

  • 1 : Fr 90.-
  • 5 : Fr 400.-
  • 10 : Fr 800.-

In a yoga studio in Lausanne *

  • 1 : Fr 110.-
  • 5 : Fr 495.-
  • 10 : Fr 990.-

* Yoga studio is located in Lausanne Rue de Bourg 25

You can practice with you partner or your friend for the same price 

For more information and book a class, feel free to reach out to me so that we can talk about your yoga practice.

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group yoga classes in Lausanne

Practice with me in the park from May to September and all year long in the studio L’Equilibre yoga. Classes are in French.

yoga au parc à lausanne

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sound bath with crystal singing bowls in Lausanne

I offer sound baths in Lausanne where I play crystal singing bowls and other instruments. The sound bath lasts about 45 minutes and includes a meditation. I can play for you at my home for a very small fee, or at the yoga studio at rue de Bourg, or at your home in Lausanne area.

Sound is vibratory energy that takes the form of waves. We all vibrate at our own frequency. The universe also has its own frequency. When played, the crystal singing bowls and Tibetan bowls produce a sound wave that will pass through the body and set all the organs in vibration right down to the cellular level. You will experience a sense of calm, well-being and harmony as the sound waves remove physical, mental and emotional blockages and raise our vibrational frequency. The sounds of the bowls also vibrate with each other and create a specific harmony.

To learn more about the science of sound, the alchemical crystal bowls and the benefits of sound healing, I invite you to read this article.

treat (yourself) to a sound bath

For 1 person

  • Fr 50.- at my place
  • Fr 85.- at your place or in a yoga studio*

For 2 persons

  • Fr 75.- at my place
  • Fr 110.- at your place or in a yoga studio*

* Yoga studio is located in Lausanne Rue de Bourg 25

I also offer sound baths for group. Reach out to me for more information.

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